Our best recipe for Scandinavian Mulled Wine, ‘Gløgg’

The Scandinavian mulled wine, ‘julegløgg’ has longstanding traditions in Scandinavia. It’s made with red wine, aquavit and madeira, but this can easily be replaced with a blackcurrant cordial for a non alcohol option. It’s the spices which are important! The Swedish King Gustav Vasa had his own recipe in the 15th century, not too dissimilar from the one we will share with you.

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How to prepare for a Scandinavian Christmas in London?

Decorate your home with fresh pine tree branches, pretty red berry branches, twigs and pine cones this Christmas. Fill your house with Christmas scents from baking Ginger bread men and simmering ‘glögg’ Scandinavian mulledwine on the stove. Lid some candles and enjoy this dark but beautiful pre-christmas, in Scandinavian fashion, together with your family.

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Children’s festive outfits by Danish MINI A TURE for Christmas 2014

Danish children’s brand MINI A TURE has launched another gorgeous Christmas collection; Inspired by a carefree childhood, sledging on the snow-covered hills on a frosty day. Cosy winter evenings in front of the fireplace. Carol singing in the streets and dancing around the Christmas three…
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London transforms into a Winter Wonderland with its many Ice Rinks

© Somerset House Ice Rink.
Skate in the heart of the City on one of London’s many magical ice rinks; With season running from November to February, onsite cafes and family tickets available as well as penguin skate aids on hand to provide assistance to children from age 4 and up (and adults finding their feet on the ice!). Enjoy a fun-filled outdoor activity with your family – Skate in the City!

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Mini Magpie Upcycling Sewing Class Children’s Clothing in London

Turn your unwanted jumpers into gorgeous clothes for your baby or toddler! This intimate and simple class will guide you through the process to bring your creativity out and equip you with the confidence to start making your own upcycled creations. The results will be truly special and beyond doubt unique and handmade in Britain. :)
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Nordic by Nature, Children’s Knitwear by Little Mountains for Winter

Have you started looking for a holiday outfits yet? Well, I have! And in my search I can’t help enjoying the regular feed on Facebook from the Norwegian children’s brand, Little Mountains. What a wonderful selection of Nordic knitwear in luxurious soft wool, that would have been the perfect holiday wardrobe for your little one -if only it was available outside Norway!
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