How to make a reindeer advent calendar

We’ve received a few emails and comments after posting Little Scandinavian’s Advent Calendar guide for 2011 regards to how to make or potentially buy the reindeer advent calendar shown in the photo to the left.
What people do is actually making them. You have to sketch it on free hand. It’s not easy but you’ll end up with the exact dimension and style you want. You’ll need a MDF board, a saw to cut the reindeer (or deer) out, sand paper for smooth edges and paint -or wall paper if you prefer a more personalised finish. You’ll then need a hook to fasten the wrapped advent calendar gifts. I would recommend fastening the hook at the back of the deer.

We think there’s no such thing as a home made advent calendar in a true Scandinavian style. Best of luck, and please do share any result with us!

Here’s a link to the Norwegian interior stylist and blogger Heidamen who made some fab advent calendars last year that she shared with us on her blog. She made the reindeer advent calendar but also a really cute Bambi version.


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12 Responses to How to make a reindeer advent calendar

  1. So cute! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Scandinavian mum says:

    I think I’ll challenge theScandinavianDad to make one for us! And then I’ll let you know how easy it really is to make one! ;)

  3. These look amazing- so simple but so effective!
    I’ll be laser cutting one over the weekend I think- something to keep for future years too!! x

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