Bunad – Norwegian Traditional Costumes for children

The Norwegian traditional costume, also known as “Bunad”, is a striking outfit for special occasions. There’s also bunad for children, which are truly stunning, fairytale creations.

The bunad today would be used in weddings, constitution day and other special events. The design is specific for areas, and you should wear the costume from where your family is originating. The bunad with all the gold and silver accessories is an expensive outfit and would traditionally be given to the youth on his or hers confirmation day at age 15. Available to order from local costume makers as well as Husfliden. There’s also bunad for children, but many tend to have a “stakk” made which is a simpler and less expensive version of the bunad. And some families are fortunate to have children’s costumes that has been handed down for generations.

Bunad is not the only traditional costume in Norway. Even with a greater history is the Sami costume, also known as “kofte”, with the Sami history dating back to 10.000 B.C. Below is a picture of little Ingrid, a Nomad Sami Child, dating back to early 1900’s. See more photos of the Sami people at the samiblog’s Flicker archive

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