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Scandinavian Christmas Cookies and ‘Pepperkakeverksted’

Norwegian ‘Kransekake’. Image source:
Scandinavian Christmas cookies are lovingly baked together with family and friends in the run up to Christmas. In Norway you’ll be offered ‘Sirupssnipper’ and ‘Serinakaker’. In Sweden there’s sweet treats in the shape of ‘Rönnskärsformar’ og ‘Sätoftakakor’, where as Denmark proudly presents their ‘Klejner’ and ‘Brunkager’.
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Dreaming of a A White and Nostalgic Christmas

Having spent the weekend in Winter Wonderland I couldn’t help feeling a little nostalgic and inspired. The new Christmas Collection of gorgeous children’s clothing by MeMini might just be what you were looking for, if you too are planning a Nordic Christmas.

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How to prepare for a Scandinavian Christmas in London?

Decorate your home with fresh pine tree branches, pretty red berry branches, twigs and pine cones this Christmas. Fill your house with Christmas scents from baking Ginger bread men and simmering ‘glögg’ Scandinavian mulledwine on the stove. Lid some candles and enjoy this dark but beautiful pre-christmas, in Scandinavian fashion, together with your family.

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Festive Christmas fun and events from the Land of North

Lot’s of festive fun ahead; Christmas pop-up events, there’s Christmas drinks and dinners, we’ll be doing a White Christmas shoot this weekend, the Little Scandinavian Advent Calendar is taking shape, we are working on lots of posts covering all you’ll need to know to create your very own, White Christmas. As part of sourcing inspiration I’ll be going to the mountain of North.
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Christmas Markets and Shopping Events in London

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A proper Nordic Yulefest starts with visiting one or all the three Scandinavian Christmas Markets in London. Join in on the Nordic festive spirit; have some glögg and gingerbread men, shop Scandinavian Christmas decoration and food, meet up with fellow Scandinavians and start the count down to Christmas!

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A Christmas Carol – Our favourite Christmas Adverts for 2014

M&S Christmas ad 2014
We spent this chilly November morning indoors, looking through the new TV ads launched this week, for the coming holiday season. And in case you haven’t seen them, we thought we might as well share our findings with you. From Norwegian ‘julemarsipan’ to international luxury brands, this is our favourite Christmas Adverts for 2014.

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