Top 5 tips to a Healthy Diet by reducing salt and sugar!

Pile of salt
With all the information available on how unhealthy the high amounts of salt and sugar in our diet is, it’s surprising so few change their eating habits to avoid serious health risks. I’m by all means no nutritionist, but I thought I’d share our top 5 five tips on how to regulate the intake and reduce salt and sugar in our diet.

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Back to School -are you ready? Our best tips for a soft start!

first_day_primaryfirst schhol day
Sorry to break it to you but the Summer holiday is coming towards an end and before you know it’s that time of the year again, when they are completely out of sizes in the school uniform section and the shoe fitting queue is beyond horrendous. Well, this is a little heads up to avoid a situation with first school day meaning no PE kit and a Tesco lunch in hand.

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En Fant matching shoe and clothing line for Spring Summer 2015

Danish children’s brand En Fant has launched an entire new collection for Spring Summer 2015. The beautiful children’s shoe line is now expanded to include children’s clothing, accessories and lifestyle. And to make life easy -it’s all colour coordinated and matching of course, ready to fill up your child’s wardrobe for mix and match.

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LEGO’s NEW set with Female Scientists Sells Out Same Day!

The Danish toy giant Lego has since the 1940′s been a hugely popular unisex toy. The success is down to the simplicity, with only your own imagination setting the limit on what to build. After a few challenging years, Lego, with its release of the ‘Research Institute’, finally puts girls in their place!

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Swedish Nova Star unisex children’s clothing with a sporty look

Good quality jersey and soft denim in combination with fresh colours in a laid-back, sporty style. Nova Star has launched yet another collection for Autumn Winter 2014 of children’s clothing with superb quality with an affordable price tag.
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Generation I Dig Denim for Autumn Winter 2014

Denim is here to stay and so is the Swedish brand I Dig Denim. Distressed jeans teamed with chunky knits and boots for winter has never looked cooler. Scandinavian cool.

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