Dry and Comfortable with Stylish wind and waterproof Rainwear

Unisex and sporty or stylish and cute the choice is yours! The main thing is to stay warm and dry on rainy days. We’ve selected a few children’s rain jackets, hats and boots. Look out for brands such as Helly Hansen, Fjallraven, Isbjörn of Sweden, Mini a Ture, Mini Roidini, CelaVi, Pale Cloud and Ver de Terre. And there’s a few dry stylish news for mum too!

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Here’s our top 10 buys for Autumn/Winter 2014 -for Mummy!

autumn_women_top 10 buys for women
It’s not only the children that should wrap up warm and in style this winter… Mummy needs to look stylish and feel comfortable too, from rainy and wet days to crisp and frosty nights. Here’s our 10 buys for Autumn/Winter 2014 -for Mummy!

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Where to Buy Children’s Essential Wool Winter Wear in the UK

Where to buy children’s clothes in wool, for newborn to teen, from carefully selected retailers in the UK, for ultimate comfort and style? This is our top recommendations for children’s clothing shops -and wool specialist, on the occasion of Campaign for Wool and Wool Week! (The above beautiful retro set is available from Kidscase, more info below.)

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We are Celebrating WoolWeek with WoolLand Children’s Essentials

WoolLand offers Norwegian high quality merino wool underwear for the whole family that stands out in design, quality and that easily can be used as a basic wardrobe during the colder months. The new Autumn Winter collection comes in a range of delicate colours, contains twice as much wool in a lovely merino quality with a silk feel to it, perfect as daywear during Winter.

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The Little White Company celebrates a Nordic Autumn with Frozen

To celebrate their lovely new The Little White Company Autumn collection, we were invited to a private screening of Frozen, complete with drinks and snacks at one of London’s most special cinemas, the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill. With both film and bed linen collection drawing on inspiration from the Nordic countries, we were in for a treat!

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Kanelbullens Dag, the Cinnamon Bun Day, celebrated in London

In Sweden, the country which origin, the cinnamon roll is called a ‘kanelbulle’. The sweet pastry, filled with cinnamon, sugar and butter has in fact its own day! The official cinnamon bun is celebrated in Sweden, and worldwide on the 4th of October, as ‘kanelbullens dag’ And this is where you can enjoy your cinnamon bun in London!

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