Kids & Art – Growing up loving and connecting with art

{Photo Source: Little A at Tate Modern, with her self made “thinking hat” on, looking at The Snail}

There’s no other subject that can appear more snobbish and a bit excluding than the topic of art. And there’s nothing more depressing and uninspiring than snobbery. If we want our children to love and connect with art will we achieve it by taking them to the finest art museums on the weekend, and let them stare at The Snail all afternoon?
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Romantic from Rosemunde Kids, children’s clothing for Summer

{Photo Source: Rosemunde SS14}

Rosemunde Kids is for girls age 6 to 14, with some fantastically lovely pieces for the tween girls. The collection consists of comfortable soft cotton basics and this season also sees a few more fashionable pieces with leopard print and romantic laces. See more of the beautiful kids collection here!
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Mini Rodini wild animal prints this Summer

Unleash the tiger -we’re going to go wild with Mini Rodini this Spring Summer!
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Aya Naya children’s clothes, functional and fresh for Spring

{PhotoSource: Aya Naya}

Aya Naya for girls size 0 to 12 years has not only a delightful fresh collection every season but also included is a highly attractive price tag! The collection is made from natural materials and with a cut ensuring room for moment, creativity and play.
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Little A’s turning 9 today -Happy Birthday!

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.42.48

On her way to school this morning, with a tray filled with freshly baked chocolate cup cakes. Her ponytail swinging from side to side as she skipped along the footpath. Never saw the sun shining so bright -She’s 9 today!
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Children’s fashion Spring Summer 2014 – Editor’s picks

Kids Fashion Spring Summer Essentials

Spring is in the air and Summer just around the corner. Warmer days are only weeks away so you better secure the Spring and Summer essentials now, before it’s all sold out! We’ve enjoyed browsing through some of our favourite stores, such as Scandinavian Minimall, Mora-Store and Lille Figaro. And to make life easy for you, we’ve picked some of our favourite styles.
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