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Mor Mor nu children’s retro knitwear, news for AW13 by Flora and Henri

The Danish knitting grannies in Mor Mor nu has delivered another beautiful collection of children’s knitwear. Each piece is handmade and crafted with love, for your child. The style is slightly retro, full of nostalgia. The quality superb!

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Grandmas that knit!

Mormor.nu or “Grannies Ltd” if you like (in Danish and Norwegian mormor means Grandmother) was launched as a completely new concept to the market in 2004, with the wonderful idea of using real Grandmas to knit the most gorgeous baby and children’s clothing. Today’s grandmothers are often busy working and not all of us are fortunate enough to have a knitting granny. Mormor.nu offers hand knitted clothes for your little one with a personal touch, both in terms of quality and design but also with a small note the granny who made that particular garment, with love and care for your child. Based in Denmark but also available in independent shops and children’s boutiques around the world in New York, Japan, London, Stockholm, Oslo and Berlin.
So what better gift to our baby niece, with a mum and a granny that are equally in full swing with full time jobs than a hand knitted gorgeous bodysuit with ruffles. And a note saying who knitted it! Precious!
We also love the fair isle knitted sweater for boys and girls, perfect for the chilly winter months. mormor.nu

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Monika Elena -brings kids fashion photos into a new era.

Originally from the states, now based in Denmark, the talented photographer Monika Elena brings fashion photography into a new era. With her glowing photos she appeals to our senses and happy memories; the feeling of warm sand between our toes on a summer day, the smell of grass after rain and the very first best friends most heartwarming smile.
5 years ago she started experimenting with vintage cameras and polaroid film. Combined with a great interest and understanding of children in addition to excellent understanding of composition and light makes her pictures stand out and offer way beyond more ordinary fashion photos.
Why are we so excited and why we do we think Monika Elena’s take on kids fashion photography is so great? Because children’s fashion isn’t supposed to be “dressed up”, flat and dull. We think children’s fashion should be all about living and having fun, being comfortable whilst creating new memorable moments! Monika Elena -we heart you!

© MorMor.dk by photographer Monika Elena.

We recommend checking out the portfolio on the brand new website monikaelenaphoto.com

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Warming hand knitted news from Mormor

I’ve mentioned danish label MorMor earlier. A danish company filled up with knitting grannies! All garments are delivered with a signed note, from the granny who knitted the piece, especially for your child. If you can’t find what you are looking for on their site mormor.nu they will be happy to receive any requests too.

They’ve been knitting over the summer and have now launched a few warming autumn news that we really like;

  • A versatile dress that are elastic enough to be converted into a vest and can therefor be a favourite piece for years. Hand knitted in 100% merino wool at £50.
  • Soft and warm set consisting of hat, scarf and gloves. Hand knitted in 100% merino wool at £61.
  • Fashionable short sleeved chunky cardigan hand knitted in 100% alpaca available in several colours at £89

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    In need of a knitting Granny?

    I don’t know about you but my mum and my mother in law are both very active women still working full time and with very little spare time. We have been lucky enough to receive a few knitted items, but we can’t expect new sweaters for every Christmas.
    The Danes are known for being innovative and entrepreneurial. Karen Leth and Nina Brandi is the creative and hard working ladies behind the brand Mormor (The Granny). They have gathered several knitting grannies in Denmark under one brand.
    All garments are delivered with a signed note, from the granny who knitted the piece, especially for your child. If you can’t find what you are looking for on their site mormor.nu they will be happy to receive any requests too.

    Nina Brandi explains about Mormor

    I think this is a fantastic concept! At last unused resources that exists in our community has been spotted. I have with the help from my mother started this group of grannies, and it has been a pleasure to experience all their knitting knowledge (some started knitting as young as 5 years old) and also to receive such a grateful and positive response from these lovely ladies. Secondly it’s a pleasure to be able to offer products to children that are made after the Fair Trade principle and with environmental care.

    Last week, at the children’s fashion fair in Copenhagen MorMor had their own stand -with a knitting Granny in a rocking chair of course!

    Mormor also support “A race against breast cancer” and a Fair Trade project in Bolivia.

    Photo: Mormor

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