Confession of a Cookie Monster

theScandinavianDad made more Berlinerkranser (Norwegian Christmas Cookies) yesterday. And this morning he woke me up with a heart shaped on to accompany the latte he serves every morning.
I’m afraid it was gone before I got my camera out…

And now, walking into the kitchen, this tower of yummy Christmas Cookies greets me.
Do you think he’ll notice if some of them will disappear? I mean, one is gone already and you can’t notice that, can you?
Oh why didn’t he store them in a box out of sight!?!

The Scandinavian Dad will be sharing his fantastic yummy recipe shortly. So watch this space.

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4 Responses to Confession of a Cookie Monster

  1. Ahhh….berlinerkranser! You’re lucky to have a man who bakes those, one of my all time Christmas faves from the sju slag :)

  2. layla fletcher says:

    wish my man would cook for me

  3. Scandinavian mum says:

    Yes, it’s fantastic that theScandinavianDad enjoyes being in the kitchen, trying out new delicious recipes.
    Some time ago a British study found that the Scandinavian men make the best husbands, as they’ll help with the housework. I don’t know if that’s always the case, but I’m very happy with my Scandinavian husband.

  4. Anne Line says:

    Yum – They do look fantastic!!

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