Scandinavian Christmas Fairs in London 2011, part I

We made it to the Norwegian Christmas Fair in the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in Bermondsey today. You could hardly notice it was the end of a 3 day fair as it was packed with people and all the stalls were still full (and being refilled all the time while we were there) of Scandinavian decorations, Christmas food and handmade Scandinavian presents.
What we had: Open sandwich with “brunost” (caramel goat cheese), open sandwich with smoked salmon and egg, “julebrus” (sweet Christmas fizzy drink) and glögg. Oh yes, and a Norwegian style waffle with jam.
What we bought: Lots of gift wrapping, gift cards, stickers, candles, Snow flakes crystal decorations, “julebrus” and “flatbrød”.

© Little Scandinavian, The Norwegian Christmas Fair in London 2011

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