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Sprout by Gro the Scandinavian teen brand for growing girls

by Scandinavian mum

Adolescence, meaning “to grow up” in Latin, is a transitional stage, from puberty to legal adulthood. The period of adolescence is most closely associated with the teenage years. A teen, no longer a child, but yet not an adult. It’s a challenging nevertheless wonderful time.
Danish brand GRO Company founded the label Sprout by GRO when they found a gap in the market, clothes for growing girls, age 8-14. And we love the styles, the soft shades and fabrics, the cut that capsules in a relaxed yet edgy fashion.
Sprout by Gro SS13

Did you know? About girls and being a teenager…
• The average onset of puberty is at 10 or 11 for girls.
• During their peak height velocity (growth spurt), teen girls grow 3.5 inches (9 cm) a year.
• The weight gained during teenage years constitutes nearly half of one’s adult body weight.
• For girls early maturation can sometimes lead to increased self-consciousness, and consequently they would be more likely to develop eating disorders.
• During their teens they develop an advanced reasoning and logical processes to social and ideological matters such as interpersonal relationships, politics, philosophy, religion, morality, friendship, faith, democracy, fairness, and honesty.
• Girls have usually reached full physical development by ages 15–17.

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